Inky Goodness

 There has been a whole lot of inky goodness happening in the studio with exiting new art being painted.
I have really been taking time out to research and explore and push further my use of watercolours.
Skies and space have been my main preoccupation, lovely juicy bright and fantasy themed skies.

Using washes of blues, turquoise and bright yellows and pinks, with vibrant skies and clouds.

Nebulas, aren't they amazing ?
Deep dark space holds so many secrets, so many magical colours, so much mystery.
I have been layering up ink and watercolour to produce these inky far away places.

Below is a new piece ( part of a series coming soon ) 
Its called "Counting Crows"

With a backdrop of a magical night sky i painted this midnight fox, i have been working on a whole range of woodland story book animals, nymphs and forest folk.
Cant wait to share this with you all and i hope to get a range of limited edition prints done too.

Here i am in my a corner of my very messy studio.
Come say hi, love to hear from you.
I know its been a while. 

P.S Some of you know how much i love using Instagram,
i have signed up for an amazing new course run by Holly Becker of Decor 8 
Its an instagram bootcamp. Exciting times !! 
I am a Blogging your way Student 

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Portrait Giveaway

I am so excited to announce that i am having a rather special and lovely GIVEAWAY here on my blog.
The prize is your very own portrait !!! Yes thats right....your very own bespoke piece of original art,

Painted in watercolours and inks with lovely personalised and 3 dimensional detail.
You can have a maximum of 2 people in the portrait and up to 5 personalised details.

So what do you have to do to be in with a chance to win  ?
Its simple and easy.

1. Like My lovely art page on FB filled with all my latest news, art, offers and general art and cat chats.

What is even better is if you add me to your notifications so you don't miss a thing !

2. Share my super duper portrait giveaway, either via FB, Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, Linkeden, tell your friends, tell your neighbours, share the news about these very unique portraits.
Make sure you add the link here so people know where to come.
use  #heidimillustration so i can find your posts.

3.Comment here letting me know why you would like to win and where you have shared this post.

4. If you like reading creative blogs then why not click "follow" here on my blog - ( this is not a requirement )

Please read the extra important bit....

You can have one entry only
This giveaway portrait is for a maximum of 2 people with up to 5 personalisations.
You can enter from anywhere in the world.
A postage contribution will be needed if your outside the UK if you win.
The closing date for this competition is March 11th 2015
The winner will be announced here and on my FB art page on March 11th 2015

(sorry i had put February and i meant March, as i moved in February )

Portraits take 6 weeks and i have booked a slot in my order book for the end of March. 

If you want to find out more about my portraits then pop on over to my online shop....

Thank you so much for stopping  by and i wish you lots of luck in this very special portrait giveaway! 

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Lets get Worthy 2015 !

A new year is upon us,  Hello 2015 !

I have so many exciting creative plans and i just can't wait to share them all with you.
I am pledging to return to my first love of blogging, and fill it to bursting with all sorts of updates from my art adventures.
I am hoping to bring out a feature where i share/ review my latest watercolours, materials and process and hopeful have insights from other illustrators and artists.
If you would like to be featured do drop me a line

Back to 2015, how did you start off the year ?

Did you boogie the night away ? Like these illustrated revellers 

Or did you dress up in your finest, with posh frock and and pearls ? 
I did my usual hermit activity of staying at home and drawing and eating crisps, my life is so rock and roll ! 
I spent a lot of time thinking of what i wanted for the year ahead and reflecting on 2014.
Last year had many highs and some lows but dreams of my creative life continue and i wanted to know what i could do to grab hold of this opportunities.
I have been scribbling away 

Of course having this helped.
Wow,  Leonie Dawson  really knows how to get you thinking.
This workbook has been a real eye opener and i am not even half way through of filling it out !

I decided after being heavily influenced by This workbook on a word that i need to see me through 2015.

"Worthy" is my word after toying with many others this is the word i want to embrace.

I am worthy to follow my dreams
I am worthy of succeeding 
I am worthy of doing all i need to have a healthy life
I am worthy of having good friends, good opportunities, making art that sells, 
being published, being valued, flourishing ...i could really go on.
I find it really hard to post this last bit as i struggle so much with this....but heck lets go with it ''worthy" and see where it takes me.

What would be your word to embrace in 2015 ?

So the first exciting adventure i have to share with you in 2015 is this !!

Yes *high fives* self :)
I am taking part in Lilla Rogers   Make Art That Sells and it starts tomorrow !!
Yippeee !! 
I will be sure to post all my adventures from this exciting course.

I would love to hear from you

What adventures have you got planned for 2015 ?

What is your word to embrace in 2015 ?

Did you enjoy my illustrated blog post ?

Have you or are you taking part in Make Art That Sells ?

See you back here next week where i will share some of my latest watercolour finds.*

Thanks for stopping by 

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Create Magic

Create Magic, such a great title for a post and also the name of Mindy Lacefield / Tim Sally, New Book which i am so excited to be featured in.

I was recently commissioned by Mindy to paint a picture of her adorable family. I blogged about it recently here

I have always loved everything Mindy paints, there truly is something so magical about her work. 
I feel every time i see her art like a child just discovering art and i want to run around with paintbrushes and paint.
Just to have this feature totally made my year.

Here i am :) 

I must point out that Mindy's book is nothing to do with my painting, 
Its a wonderful book filled with Mindy's Disney's inspired work 

And thats not all, coming soon my artwork will be featured in the most wonderful compilation of artists journals from around the world.
Dawn DeVries Sokol  is the author behind this amazing book.

It feels such a honour to be in this book, i am so excited for its release next April 2015.

Being published was one of those far off dreams of mine, and no matter how big or small my feature is, it feels so exciting.
Its Creating Magic in my life. 
Many years ago i would look at artists being published and i hoped for that too in my creative journey.
I hope i can carry on being published and i am even working on ideas for my own self published project. 

As always it would be great to hear from you.
Love to read your comments
What would you like to be published in ?
Maybe you have a feature to share ?

Here is a little outtake photo where my Evie cat joined in on the photo.

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Go Where The Wild Things Grow

"Go Where The Wild Things Grow"
Was a recent personal project i started recently.

My personal Art journey has taken many detours and now that a lot of my work is commissioned i am finding less time to follow the ideas that form in the shape of scribbles on a scrap of paper, or that thought that wakes you up in the middle of the night reaching for a pen and paper.
You ever had a idea that just swam around until you put life into it on paper or canvas ?

The Idea for this painting grew from a idea of being out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature. 
I scribbled some ideas and the paper floated around on my desk for months.
Until recently i picked up my pencil and began to draw.
I wanted this to be a layered piece, i love the challenge of my layered illustrations. 

Here is a cross section of the painting below. 

There are bees, and rabbits, foxes, wild plants, toadstools and flowers all painted in watercolours and inks.

Layered on thick 200lb watercolour paper. 
I loved creating this piece and it took a few months from the idea to finish.
I would love to know what you think ?
Do you like the layered details.
If your a artist What ideas have kept you up at night reaching for your sketchbook ?

I would love to hear from you.

Prints and the original are available here

Best Wishes 

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